06 October 2011

love letters.

Sometimes I feel like if I keep working on this room, the baby will get here sooner.  Like because I'm working hard, everything else will work together faster.  Does that make sense?  I feel more like a mom when I am in this room,  or creating things for my baby.
I am so so so so ready.

Dear Baby

My dear friend Katie found this print for you and it's just perfect for your room:)

the crib is ready and waiting 

These guys are all waiting for someone to love on them.

so many pretty things up above for you to look at...

new pretty things for you to wear...

books for us to read together

while we are snuggled under hand made blankets

A whole world for you to explore.
A whole world waiting for you to explore it.
You are already my whole world :)

Your mom

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  1. It's so clear just how much love and excitement you have for your baby's arrival. I wish every mom would experience the same joy and anticipation (including myself, one day); you're going to be such a wonderful mom :)

    Blessings to you <3

  2. LOVE this post, well I love all your posts but this one especially :) So precious!!! <3

  3. so many patterns! cute though!... are you for sure adopting a girl?


  4. This is the sweetest thing! I pray that you get to meet her very soon!

  5. I'm lusting over your handmade blankets and cute little stuffed dolls.

  6. Sweetest little decorations :) I love the plush collection.

  7. You are already such a good mom to a sweet baby girl! I can't wait until she sees her room someday soon. She is dearly loved!


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