10 October 2011

The Baby List-1

 I have had a lot of people ask me about baby showers and such, like when do you have one? when do you want one? etc.
We could have a baby tomorrow or we could have a baby in a year.
With adoption it is soooo up in the air when it comes to a timeline, especially now that we are adopting domestically. 
Bottom Line...we will have a baby.
I'm pretty much faux-pregnant right now!
There are so many things that I buy because I need to be ready, any day.
My friends will say "don't buy that, you will get that at your shower!"
I keep buying everything though because if I get a baby tomorrow they will need to sleep somewhere, we will need to have a car seat to bring them home in, clothes to wear, bottles to drink from, etc.
Has anyone gone through this with an adoption before? What do you do?

 Anyway, to the point of this post, I wanted to share with you  some of things that I have on my baby wish list. 
I'm not registered anywhere because there isn't a shower in the works. 
I have made my own little wish list on Amazon that I purchase things off of when I can afford them.  I am the kind of gal who wants to be READY!

 I am going to do this in parts and today is part one :)
This is the list that I call "the fun things" list. These are the not so practical items that we want but don't really need at the moment :)
Here you go!

1.  Sonatina Bird Rattle , Suzette the Fox , Fruit and Veggie Rattles
2. Sophie the Giraffe teether
3.  cute little floral pig
4.  Plan Toys Stacking Tree, Kid-O Puzzle, Wonderworld Eco-Friendly Rainbow Blocks
5.  Organic Building Blocks, Massachusetts Teether
6.  Boon Bath Toys
7.  Earnest Effort Wood Rattle
8.  Romeo and Juliet Counting Book
Pride and Predjudice Counting Book

I love the idea of eco-friendly toys and hand made toys (obviously).  Does this mean my child will never play with Barbies or other plastic toys, absolutely not. These are just some items that I think would be lovely to have upon our baby's arrival.  Learning toys, and cuddly toys.
Also, if you haven't checked out those books yet (number 8) you need to.  They are amazing! I saw them over at Modern Kiddo the other day and wanted to order them immediately!
So yeah, I hope you enjoy List 1.  I will be back later this week with List 2, which is our list of baby gear :)
Have an awesome Monday!

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  1. i've never adopted a baby, but i think what i would do is get the minimum of what you need for when now. so....some diapers, bottles, etc. and then have a shower when you actually have your baby. it would be a great way for your family/friends to meet the baby, but also give you some great gifts as well :) or, you could get everything you NEED now...and have your friends/family get stuff off of your fun list, or each have them get her their favorite children's book, or something sentimental like that.


  2. Dear Janel,
    I have been reading your blog for over a year and have always enjoyed your posts, but this time, tears welled up in my eyes to see the excitement you have for your chid who you have been waiting a very long time to meet. It brings me such joy! I pray your baby will be here soon! God bless,

  3. We can get a shower ready in just a few days. As soon as you hear any word at all, we will have a shower in no time flat! Just give us the word, and we will be as fast as an indy car pit crew! :)

  4. "i'm pretty much faux pregnant right now"--hilarious. made my day.

  5. We had an "essentials" shower - friends got us plain onesies, sleepers, a moby wrap, some diapers, bottles and a few swaddling blankets. That's all you'll need for the first month anyways.

    The fun stuff I am waiting for (toys, cute clothes, gear).

  6. i can't wait to see list #2 :) I'm addicted to your blog lately!


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