22 October 2011

crafty night

My aunt, sister, and I have been trying to plan another little crafty get together.  We love this time because we are able to visit, and get creative at the same time :)  Last time we did copper enameling and it's been awhile since then.
I decided to plan a fun night of mosaic-ing at Yucandu art studio here in St. Louis.
It' such an aesthetically inspiring place plus you always come out of there with a really unique and special piece. I will let the photos do the rest of the talking:

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  1. that place looks very creative, & fascinating! great fun art stuff.

  2. I wanna come play at crafty night! It looks like so much fun!

    P.S. I voted because your blog rocks my socks off!


  3. wow---these are so cute. that looks like an amazing place!!! which one is yours?

  4. What an amazing looking studio! Definitely no lack of inspiration there.

  5. Oh my gosh this looks like heaven...so fun!

  6. I love Yucandu! If you get a chance you should sign up for their Valentine's Day girl's night. It fills up quickly but it's so fun to do with your best gals! They have wine and food with a fun craft class.

  7. How fun!!! I think a DIY night is much needed for EVERYONE!!! Great blog!!!


  8. What an awesome idea! I love going to ceramic painting places, but this would take it to another level!


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