05 October 2011


We have this great little Antique Mall by our house that my mom and I like to hit up every once in awhile.  We haven't been in a few months so we decided to take a trip up their Monday evening in search of some pretty tea cups.
Well, I didn't find any teacups to my liking, BUT I did find some other super exciting treasures!  Check them out:

*  A Vintage Cross Stitched sign in excellent condition for our welcome wall:

* a HUGE crewel embroidery "Home Sweet Home" sign for our welcome wall :)

Look how good the wall looks now!

*  Two large vintage paint by numbers of horses that I literally squealed when I saw :)
These are going in the nursery for sure but I'm just not sure where exactly yet.

Everything I scored was in great condition and my bill was only $25!
Seriously, it was one of the most exciting treasure hunting trips to the Antique Mall ever :) This week has been a great week for vintage finds.
What have been your most recent favorite finds?


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  1. love your welcome wall! we have that God bless our home wall piece and it threw me off at first! looks like a good scoring day!

  2. Great finds!

    I want a welcome wall now. It's going to happen!

  3. I love your welcome wall. That's such a sweet idea. My most recent treasure is this clock: http://sarbearsjourney.blogspot.com/2011/09/pretty-thrifted-clock.html
    from a nearby thrift store. Who would give that away?


  4. I adore your Welcome Wall! What a great idea, and so inviting! :)

  5. Girlfriend, I am coming to your neck of the woods and going vintage shopping with you. You have great vintage karma :-)

    A couple of my recent favorite finds include a vintage feed sack and a bag of Christmas ornaments (for a friend who get so excited to decorate his tree).


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