23 October 2011


It is true.
I feel like, if I were pregnant, I would be registered by now right?  Our adoption journey officially started in June so that makes me 4 months.
Perfectly normal to be registering :)
My mom and I were in Babies R Us this weekend looking up a friend's registry when we saw the goodie bags that they were handing out to people who were opening up new registries....done and done.  This girl loves a goodie bag!! 
I wasn't sure that I would find much that I wanted at Babies R Us but I was so surprised by some of the more modern brands they carried.
Also, when I finished up my registry online last night, I found they had an even wider selection of things that were already on my universal wish list over on Amazon.
Sooooo excited!!
Some of the things I am really excited about:

If you want to see the rest of my list and maybe make suggestions for me, I would LOVE that!! Thanks for sharing in our excitement :)

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  1. How exciting for you! I hope you get everything you need and more.

  2. my sister and brother have the grass drying thing!
    it's so cute and lovely in their kitchen :)
    best to you in this process

  3. I just had so much fun looking over your registry! LOVE the things you picked out (we have some of those essentials for baby A and totally agree with your selections :) hehe)

    EEEEKS!!! Aunty is soooo excited for your baby MAc... can't wait to meet you! (please come soon, i'm not so good at waiting!!)


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