12 October 2011

The Baby List-2

Hello all!
I am back today with the Baby Wish List Part II.
These are some "gear" things that I want to have before the baby gets here.
To be ready :)

We already have our crib and changing table/storage units.  I am not sure what high chair to go with yet?  Any suggestions?  I want something that is safe, efficient, yet not an eye sore.
Can you see anything else that I may need right away?
These lists make me even more anxious and excited for a baby.
Thanks for being so excited with me. Your comments and emails really help me through this waiting period :)


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  1. i love the boon flair high chair!
    it's super modern and cute. : )

    we got the aqua bumbo at our baby shower and i was super excited! it's adorable.

  2. A baby sling or carrier on your body? I used mine more than my pram. I loved carrying my babies.

    The drying grass is so cute!

  3. i def recommend plenty of burping cloths and onesies. i use a burp cloth a day to wipe her mouth (more if there's large amounts of spit up) and i have already gone through 2 onesies today! i'm hoping this last one will stay clean till tomorrow!

  4. I would add to your list: Moby wrap or Ergo carrier with an infant insert. A good set of BPA free bottles. Also lots of burp cloths!

    There are so many cute high chairs at Ikea but they also make the ones that strap to a regular chair!!

  5. Great ideas ladies!! I will add the Moby and the bottles to my next list for sure! and the highchair :) Love!! I have made almost 40 burn cloths already :) I hope that's enough! xo

  6. -we didn't use our highchair much for the first little while.
    -we used our bumbo as a feeding chair, he fit better in it then his highchair.
    -A ring sling or carrier of some sort

  7. Def a moby or wrap of some kind, we use ours every single day! LOVE baby wearing :) Other things we use every day are halo swaddle wraps - they have valcro so wiggly babies can't squirm out of them and Ali has slept up to 6 hours at night when she's wrapped in one! :)

    Also I highly recommend a cloud b sleep sheep ... we use it every day!

  8. I can vouch for the Puj tub, the Bumbo and the drying rack -- we have those exact ones.

    The tub is the only thing Alexa has outgrown. We had to buy a bigger tub when she was about 3.5 months old, so just know it won't last terribly long before baby outgrows it.

  9. cloud b sleep animal! definitely helps our little one fall asleep anywhere with the familiarity of sleep and cues him to sleeptime rather than just laying down. i LOVE our puj tub, they are so easy and comforting for the little one. sling in a must and so great for bonding. i adore my stroller, but use a sling 90% of the time. i found a clip on high chair handy since ours fits on our living room coffee table (its a very sturdy table, dont worry)and packable for going out to eat. so nice to just have them at the table with you even if they aren't eating. i recieved an "itzbeen" timer too and i love it! didnt use it for too long, but during those first few weeks its so hard to remember how long ago you fed, changed, etc them. now i use it to time how long ago he's had tylonol if he's sick or naps.

  10. ERGO CARRIER! And the infant insert! It's is so so comfortable and baby loves it. Stay away from the Baby Bjorns, they are really really uncomfortable!

    We have that Boon drying rack and the Puj tub. We can't use the Puj in our sinks because we have deep 1960 sinks but it works really well for traveling! I'm so glad we bought it.

    As far as high chairs, we ended up not buying one because someone gifted us one of those ones that just sits on a regular chair. It's not really pretty but at least you can hide it if you need to. What I really wanted was a Stokke Tripp Trapp. I may have to get one anyway ;)

  11. The lawn drying rack from Boon can suck if you don't dry it after every use...I was stupid and thought that the water would evaporate in the tray...I check it every now & then but one time I checked it and there were little tiny worms floating around in it...YUCK.


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo