23 October 2011

oh my

Here is a little list of some things that I am Loooooving right now :)

1.  One of my favorite blog posts every week is Alix's "Friday link Hootenanny" over at Moddern Kiddo.  I always find at least one thing that I fall in love with :)  This week, I am sooo loving this cross-stitched iPhone case!

sooo going on my Christmas list this year :)

2.  This table made from restyled vintage school desks. (I need a house!)

3.  This vintage ad.
I mean, why don't cars come in these colors anymore?

4.  This home tour over at Ohdeardrea

Home tours make me want to start over in my home :)  I think I need to do some serious re-decorating around here!!

5.  this precious locket! Another thing that will be added to my Christmas list this year :)

So much beauty and inspiration out there!
What are some things that you are loving right now?
Have an amazing Sunday.


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  1. I ADORE that iPhone cover! It is just perfect!

  2. I need a house, too. So much pretty things I have to bypass with a studio apartment. I suppose it forces me to curate :-)

  3. best photo cover i've ever seen. :)

  4. i would LOVE if cars still came in those colors...it seems like car colors are so muted these days.


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