31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

This weekend was my sister's Annual Halloween Hoopla party :)  Since her husband's birthday also falls on Halloween they absolutely go all out for the holiday!  I only had my instax camera so here are the few photos that I took.
This year I decided to dress up as a paper doll.  This costume is a super easy one day DIY project and it turned out super cute!

My sister was a peacock, and she was sooo pretty! I loved it so much!  Again, another quick and easy DIY costume.  Perfection.

I loved this little tribute to the Karate Kid.  Did anyone else think that the shower was the coolest costume ever back when you saw that movie??  I did!

 With World Series and everything else going on this past week, I totally failed at getting Adam's paper doll costume together so he went as a Cardinal's fan :)

This was my other favorite costume of the night, and the costume winner:  Flo! from the Progressive Insurance commercial! Love it :)
We had an absolute blast!  The food and the decor was fabulous as usual.  My sister definitely knows how to put on a great party.  Good times were had by all :)

Also, a HUGE congratulations to Aimee Lee for winning the prizes for the October Sponsor Giveaway!!!  
Please email me with your shipping info and I will send it to my sponsors!!  Yay!


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  1. great costumes! flo from the progressive insurance commercial? i never would have thought of that. completely original. yeah i thought the karate kid costume was clever.

  2. I looove your paper doll costume! I mad my costume this year too! I can't wait to share! You look gorgeous.


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