26 October 2011

fisher price

Tonights eye candy is brought to you by:
Fisher Price toys of the vintage variety.
le sigh...
I am very fortunate that my mom saved a lot of our old fisher price toys.  We have Sesame street, a doll house, and the castle (with all of the parts).
I am so excited to play with these again with my future baby :)
Here are some of the vintage fisher price toys that I ADORE.

There is so much cuteness yes?  I already have a little collection of the vintage radios and the real record player and the play record player set up in the nursery :)
So much fun reminiscing!
What are your favorite vintage toys?


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  1. i remember the dollhouse, & the phone. my brother had the treehouse. i really liked that!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I had the castle! The new one I got for my sons is nothing like it (definitely not as good!). Oh, how I wish I knew where mine was ... I had much older brothers and sisters (10 years + older) and even they loved that castle!

  3. My brothers are 8 and 9 years older than me, and their Fisher Price toys were passed down to me, and some new ones were added over the years. Did you know that Hallmark has started a line of Fisher Price ornaments? This year they have the dollhouse, which has a working doorbell just like the real one! :)

  4. They have a record player one too! Urban Outfitters carried it for a while just recently! I'm kicking myself in the shins for not buying it for my baby nephew when they had it :( Maybe I can order it.


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