11 October 2011

Reupholstery Phase II

Sunday, we worked on Phase II of our reupholstery adventure :)
We finished stripping the base of all of the fabric and stuffing until we had just the "skeleton" of the chair left over.
It was really really neat to see just the base of the chair, and where it's form comes from.  I am finding myself looking at the upholstered furniture all over my house to trying to visualize and guess what it's insides look like :)
Here are some photos from Phase II:

Yesterday, I went to JoAnns and picked up all of our fabric and supplies so that could start deconstruction the old fabrics into patterns for the new fabric.  (Maybe tonight)
I didn't go with a bold print since the shape of this chair was just SO mid century.  I wanted to stay true to the era so I used some of those swatches I found on the inside as inspiration.
This is the fabric that we chose:

It's very tweedy, and Sherlock Holmes-y.  It think it stays true to the vintage fabric but with a tiny modern twist to it.  I love it, and it's perfect!!  I will get my pops of color from accent pillows :)


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  1. Great fabric choice for the chair. It would have been a shame to choose a loud pattern and be sick of it (and redo everything) in 2 years. And this one will be easier, you don't have to line up the pattern either!
    Can't wait to see the final reveal!

  2. that chair has such good bones! what a fun project to restore it to its former glory!


    I'm in the middle of reupholstering my office chair to go with my teeny tiny bedroom that I'm slowly but surely redecorating. (Being a poor college student makes this process go reaaaaaally slowly haha).

    It's been a while since I last visited your blog and I'm still amazed at the crafts you've done. :)

  4. Here from the blog hop! You are kind of my hero in attacking this!


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