08 October 2011

reupholstery: phase 1

One of my garage sale scores from today was this chair:
(I will definitely be back with the rest of my finds tomorrow :D)

The mid century modern style and shape was perfect, the price was perfect but man does this baby need some work!

I have been wanting to try my hand at reupholstering for a few months, and my dad was really excited about the idea as well.  When we saw this chair today, we knew that it would be a great project for us to do together :)
We worked for a couple of hours today taking deconstructing the chair and pulling our millions of dirty, rusty tacks...

It was really cool to see all of the vintage fabrics that were used in here.  There were at least 8 different fabric swatches that we found :)

Our next step is to find a perfect fabric to reupholster it with.
I'm not sure if I want to go with a mid century modern vintage fabric or it I want to go with a more modern-day bold print fabric?
Here are some favorites that I found here.

I can not wait to get back to work on this chair.  It's going to be such a special piece because it's something that my dad and I are doing together :)
I will definitely keep you posted on our progress.


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  1. Gorgeous chair, the style is amazing! Cant wait to see when its done... -K

  2. Wow! Great yard sale score! I love that second fabric. :)

  3. looks like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to reupholster something hgtv makes it look so easy :] good luck

  4. love love LOVE that chair! can't wait to see what you do, and how you reupholster it! i would love to learn how to do that!

  5. i had a chair like that i also found at a garage sale but mine swiveled around. it was a burnt orange and i loved it...then i turned into a teenager and thought it was lame so i had dad throw it out...now i wish i had that chair back...ugh!


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