09 October 2011

treasure hunting.

We were so blessed to have another awesome week of garage sale finds!
I didn't score a lot of things, but what I did score, was fantastic.
Im starting to become pretty picky with the things I buy at garage sales.  My number one rule though is that it MUST be under $5.
I usually try not to spend more than $15 each week too.
Here were my finds this week :)

1.  This adorable piggy bank! I have been trying to find the perfect one for the nursery and for a dime, this one was a MUST get :)  I love the colors so much and I love that it's an elephant.

A bag of vintage plastic horse figurines for $2.00 

This adorable vintage creamer dispenser! Yeah, so no one in my house drinks coffee but for a quarter...needed it.  I will maybe put syrup in it for pancake day :)

Vintage globe...$4.

I had this record player when I was little and I loved it. 3 of the records are missing but I am on the hunt for them.  This was only a dollar and perfect for the nursery!

These were another thing that I loved as a kiddo, I have a little collection of them now for our baby so when we found this one for a quarter, it wad perfect :)

I would definitely say that this was a great day for treasure hunting.  I also picked up a ton of vintage embroidery patterns and a pretty vintage scarf but I left them in the car and didn't get a photo.
Good times were had by all!!


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  1. which records are you missing out of the record player...i will keep my eye out. i think i may have seen one of those at the goodwill do here in my town...

  2. Adorable- love the elephant, and the globe of course. $4?! Jealous!

  3. janel, i had that record player when i was little too! i also had a cow shaped cup that was very similar to your creamer/syrup one. i forgot i even had that, until your photos reminded me.

  4. I HAVE THAT GLOBE! My grandma gave it to me when I was in elementary school. :) Nice finds!

  5. I have the Moo Cow Creamer! My kids and I laugh because it "throws up" the milk into my coffee. I know, we're classy.


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