01 July 2011

a girl's night!

Yesterday, my mom and I went out to spend the day/night with my sister.  My sister only lives about 35 minutes away but when you live in St. Louis, 35 minutes can seem really far away :)
My sister and her husband are just finishing up their home renovations and we wanted to  see everything and help them get their home put back together.

We had an awesome time running errands, doing a little shopping and having dinner and ice cream out.
Again, I didn't have my camera but I do have a few random iphone shots...

This car in Wal-Mart's parking lot was insane.  There big dollar signs stenciled on the back too.  I mean.....seriously :)

I scored some really pretty tea towels and pot holders for my kitchen.

  my new glasses!

 My sister's puppy, Thor is getting so big!
After all of that we did a lot of cleaning while watching Project Runway re-runs and listening to the new Lady Gaga CD (my mom's fave.)

My mom had to leave early this morning so my sister and I had the day to hang out at the pool, and run more errands.

After lunch we had the BEST frozen yogurt at a cute little place called Orange Leaf.  Not only was it adorable...the frozen yogurt was amazing too.

I love our girl's nights.  I am pretty lucky to have a sister and mom who also happen to be my best friends too.
Tonight, when I got home, our power was out (and it's 100 degrees outside) so Adam and I high-tailed it to my parent's house for the night.  
Good times.

Alright, I am off to bed.  
Happy July 1.
love you.



  1. You should totally send in that car picture to People of Walmart. That's awesome! =)

  2. Sounds like a great night. I wish I had a sister or any sibling. I'm best friends with my Mom too.

    The Orange Leaf sounds fab but the closest one to me in Louisiana is 176 miles away :( We have a Menchi's though. And a Pinkberry in New Orleans that awesome.

    That car is hilarious. We see things like that all the time. There's a Skittle's car that's local and there are a few on very high rims, it looks crazy.

    Love the new glasses. Happy weekend.

  3. Oh my gosh, that car kills me!!!

  4. I'm pregnant, and now all I want is some of that fruit!!!

  5. oh my gosh, that LV car is.....wow haha
    love the new glasses!

  6. that LV car is....wow...lol
    and i love your new glasses!

  7. Have a wonderful july fourth~ Beautiful pictures~

  8. I saw one of those Vuitton junk heaps when I was in Indiana recently. Crazy!! :)

  9. Your girls day looked awesome. Glad I could contribute the Lady Gaga cd (if you got if from Nic that is.) xo


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