19 April 2011

a week in the life...

of my iphone :)
some are taken with the regular camera app, some are from the Instagram app and others are from Picture Show app.
Here you go!

good times were had by all.  Remember life before camera phones?? Insanity.
Adam and I are all bunkered in for the night with threats of tornados and hail screaming over the sirens. 
fun fun.
I hope all of you are having a safe and cozy night :)


  1. Hoping you all stay safe with all the crazy storms!! It's hard to imagine my Californian mind!! Love the record player! =D

  2. Nice pics.
    I can't decide if I want one of those glittery hats. I've seen them on girls on the street casually wearing them and looking really great. I've probably had them in my hands a hundred times at a store but in the end I always feel silly....

  3. Okay I need to know where that thrift store with all the Pyrex is. Im coming home in a couple weeks and I have a feeling there are some things there I should probably own. : )

  4. Your blog is wonderful! Someone on 20sb recommended it! It's so inspiring!

    Of course i'm following it!

    XOXO Shar


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