28 April 2011

all things royal...

In honor of the Royal Wedding tomorrow, I thought I would share some lovely "Royal Wedding" inspired items from around the web :)
Here you go!

Seriously so cute.  In high school I was totally obsessed with Prince William. Like my notebooks and binders were plastered with his photos. 
Obviously it didn't work out between us which is good, because I found my prince :)
Yay for Wills and Kate.


  1. In honor of the Royal Wedding let's all take on "Royal" names. Here's how it goes. Put Lord or Lady in front of one of your grandmother or grandfather's names. Your middle name would be your first pet's name and your last name (or surname) would be the street you grew up on. Here's mine: Lady Josie Frankie Diekamp :)

  2. Lady Edeltraut Pebbles Greenranch :)
    Oh that is one crazy Royal name!!! lol

  3. Lover... where did you find the tea towel and the blue and white print? I wanna order for my mom for mothers day! post on fb to me when you get this please! heart your face

  4. ahh so cute!
    I was in love with William when I was younger! hehe


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