30 April 2011

Fascinators: Hot or Not?

So, I promise this will be my last "Royal Wedding" related post but I just had to find out what you all think about "fascinators."
Are they hot or are they not?

(all images are from here)
I'm not going to lie, I kind of think they are pretty rad :)
 I kind of even like the seriously ridiculous ones!
They make a statement.
What do you think?
hot or not?



  1. I think some people can pull them off, I am not one of them. I think the more subtle ones are OK but those crazy gigantic ones are kind of flamboyant!

  2. for photo session or something that taken to be show off as a picture or art , those hot
    but for attending party or high class occasion ...i dont think so
    mostly in my country haha..they are not hot to do in real world

    here usually the hot trend and represent high social class is wearing kebaya and hand paint batik from silk or tenun


  3. Haha, I can't decide how I feel about them...
    I like them before it's a cool accessory that isn't used very often! But some of them are just SO outrageous!

  4. In serious love. I would pretty girl rock the hell outta one.

  5. I *love* fascinators! But not the crazy huge ones...I like smaller, pretty ones that are more day-to-day wear. :D

  6. LOVE. The bigger, the better. I love bold fashion.

  7. SO HOT.

    I wish I could wear them everyday, but they're a bit more for "dressing up" occasions... of which I wish I had more to attend!

  8. I've always love love loved fascinators. So snazzy and chic.

  9. i looooove these! i'm a teacher and think my kids would LOVE them, def gonna try to craft one tomorrow to wear on monday!

  10. I ♥ ♥ ♥ them. I have a small collection going from whichgoose on Etsy. I hardly ever have a place to wear them, but I think they're a cute touch. :)

  11. I flippin' love fascinators...I think they're gorgeous! I especially love that dove looking one you posted. I would totally rock that around the house haha

  12. Love them! My friends and I decided we are going to have a party to make our own and watch Project Runway. The next month, we will dress up, wearing our creations, and head to a local wine bar for an evening out. Can't wait!

  13. my vote: HAWT HOT McHOTS!!!!


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