06 April 2011


I once knew a boy from London and he called presents, "pressies."  
I love that word and it has stuck with me :)
I am excited to share some of my pretty birthday presents with you all!!
As you know, my sweet husband scored me this amazing record player (which has been spinning tunes ever since).  We also took a few trips to the Antique Malls to find some records.

He also got me a pair of Minnetonka moccasins

My parents and sister scored me a beautiful Michael Kohrs handbag (which I just can't stop looking at)

My parent's also picked up some lovely vintage treasures for me as well from our weekly trips to the antique malls.
It's like a doll house themed birthday :)
This little dollhouse is so adorable and completely furnished with mid-century modern furniture.  The dollhouse is dated from the 60's and it is just too cute.

AND I have been searching and searching for the perfect one of these vintage metal dollhouse sand my parents ended up finding one.  

These really are tough to find in such good condition AND they stocked it with furniture too!!

So yes, I am just relaxing at home tonight, playing with all of my goodies.
I hope all of you are having a relaxing, fun Wednesday night as well.



  1. Lovely dollhouse. I saw one once in an antique store, and it was no where near that great of condition, awesome find!

  2. I really like that purse.....and all the other treasures.

    (I have a package of VBS "crafts" for you. Look in your box on Sunday.)

    (Missing you on Wed. nights!)

  3. My mom has her metal dollhouse in mint condition from when she was a kid! It looks just like that one except she's lost the furniture over the last 50 years! Too cute!

  4. What fabulous presents!


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