06 April 2011

birthday recap...

Hello friends!
Well, yesterday was a great day and I wanted to thank all of you for your lovely birthday wishes.  They were perfect.
Since we had celebrated my birthday dinner last week, tonight our little family got together to have birthday cake and play outside with the new puppy.
I got some really amazing gifts from my parents and sister.  I haven't had a chance to snap any photos of them though yet.

I completed ALL of my 30 before 31 goals except for one.  The one I didn't finish was the "trash the dress" photo shoot and that's ok.  It will happen one day :)

And now, what all of you have been waiting for... a free spot in Elaine's class, "ink blots."

The winner is...

Yay Amanda!! I can't wait to be a classmate with you!  For anyone else, you should definitely sign up for the class and join us in all of the creative awesomeness!!



  1. I hope you had the most amazing birthday! I can't wait to see what your pages look like with this class.

  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe it! I never win giveaways haha WHOOPEE! I actually lost a pretty major giveaway earlier today and I was super bummed so this definitely makes my days. Thanks!


  3. ahh, that's awesome that you got ALL of your goals done (except that one sneaky one). so glad you had an awesome birthday :)


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