09 April 2011


I have seriously been listening to my record player non-stop since I got it.  Adam and I have purchased a lot of $2 records at the antique malls and building our little collection.
Here are a few gems that I would like to eventually add to our collection since they are my ALL time favorite albums...
Janis Joplin is and always will be my go to girl for karaoke :)  I love her songs, her voice, her everything.

The Beatles...obvious!

Pink Floyd's "Wish you were Here" album.  It's my most favorite song of all time.

This is my favorite album (as a whole) of all time.  I can't find it anywhere.  Like it is discontinued in every online place all over the internet :( sadness.
Deftones...my favorite band forever.  These are the two albums that I have seen that actually come on vinyl so yeah, these are must haves some day :)

So there is my "vinyl want" list.  What are some albums that you would suggest?
I would love to hear what your favorites are :)


  1. Mr. Blake has bought me every record in my collection! And I think it will stay that way - I like knowing he's the one adding to the collection, and will be for the rest of forever, I'm pretty sure. :)
    My favorites to listen to are Band of Horses' "Everything all the Time" & Beach House's "Teen Dream." I recently got M83's "Saturday = Youth" and I looove it! :)
    Miss you, friend. We should have some serious hang out time over the summer, yes?? :)
    xo Hay

  2. Oh my goodness. Janis Joplin was so amazing! Lovely taste in music, my dear! Nothing is better than hearing it on vinyl either. :)

  3. oh if your gonna listen to vinyl you need some Pink Floyd and classic Zeppelin girl!


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