26 April 2011

the king's wallpaper...

So last night, after a long day of community service, I was ready to crash onto the couch and watch a movie.  After scrolling through "Video on Demand," I decided on The King's Speech.
The movie itself was really good but I have to be honest when I say I was completely mesmerized by the wallpaper of all things!!
Here are some screenshots from the movie to show you what I mean :)

I was totally inspired :)  So I went searching online for even more inspiration and stumbled upon this amazing website :)  It is a wonderful source for vintage wallpaper samples and visual inspiration. (It also has tons of vintage fabrics, curtains, and housewares)
 Here are some of my favorite wallpaper patterns from the site:

After de-wallpapering all of the walls in my parent's house years ago, I swore I would NEVER put wallpaper up in my own house.
I might have to reconsider that promise because I am falling more and more in love with these bright, bold patterns!
Have you ever watched a movie that inspired you in a totally random way? I would love to hear about it.

Have a great Tuesday Friends!


  1. I Watched that movie the other night and felt the same way about the wallpaper! The mottly one was amazing. First I thought it was just old paint peeling and didn't realise it was paper. It was so fascinating!

  2. I love that movie! I reallly fell in love with Lionel's session room-that wall is amazing!!! Not only the wall, but the whole room. I love that it was so minimal and open and HUGE! :) I also love the ones you've found-very nice! I think wallpaper has definitely made a major comeback!

  3. oh yes I was loooking for pics of the wallpapers, thanks, great I found your blog with this info :)


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