13 April 2011

personal day...

At my work, we get two "personal days" a year.  I hadn't taken mine yet, and school is almost over, plus I have a student teacher who is awesome, soooo I took one of my personal days today.
Adam has Wednesdays off so it was a perfect date day for us :)
It was a beautiful sunshine-y day in the high 70's.
We went to The Loop, ate pizza at Pi, bought some vintage records at Vintage Vinyl.
After all of that, we just drove around with the windows down, singing and having so much fun :)
Here are some photos from the day:

It was a wonderful day.
A huge thank you to Adam for being the best husband ever :)



  1. I can't wait for the days like this with my boyfriend.

  2. Love Love Love your day! Thanks for posting the pics so those of us still in the rain and 50's and who have super busy husbands we haven't seen in 2 days could live vicariously through you!!! I love your artsy colorful fabulous day :) ... LOVE YOU...
    p.s - that pizza is seriously drool worthy, LOL

  3. Looks like a perfect day! =) At my school they are called mental health days- which makes it sound like youre very stressed, or overloaded when you take one. =P i much prefer personal day.

  4. Aww, I want moccassins D:
    Also; that pizza looks amazing.

  5. that sounds like a lovely way to spend a personal day.


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