01 April 2011


Hello loves.
Happy April 1st!
It is that time again!  Time for me to check back on my March goals and to write new ones for April!
First, let's take a look at how I did in March :)

March Goals
1. Turn in our adoption application
2.  be a blessing
3. visit another Frank Lloyd Wright house
4.  Finish sewing quilt top.

3 out of 4 isn't so bad right?  With all of the painting and furniture moving and stuff that we had going on this month, I haven't had a chance to do many creative type things this month.  It will definitely get done though at some point :)
And now, let's move on to my brand new goals for the month of April...

April Goals
1.  Have a wonderful birthday (4 more days :D)
2.  sell our condo ( I can dream right?)
3.  Read 2 books
4.  keep drawing in my new sketchbook

Alright friends, that is  it!  I will be checking back in with you on these goals May 1.  I seriously can't believe that it's April today!  April is a great month and I am hoping that it brings me sunshine and fresh flowers. Have a great day.


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