17 April 2011

treasure hunting...

Courtney did a little post the other day about some treasures that she had found thrifting.   I really loved seeing all of the great items she found and at the bottom she asked her readers to share some of their recent thrifting finds. 
Well, I haven't been thrifting in a couple weeks but we did find some real treasures at garage sales yesterday!  Yesterday was the first real day of the garage sale season here :)  Here are our finds from yesterday:

2 gorgeous vintage thermoses for my collection: $1.00 a piece

I have been looking for this set of bowls for a couple of years but they are always WAY too expensive at the antique malls. 
Set of three pyrex bowls : $4.00!!

Vintage sewing basket with tons of cute vintage sewing notions: $2.00

Cute vintage suitcase that I am going to use to make my sister a suitcase dollhouse like mine : $2.00
(I love all of the cute extras inside too)!

and FINALLY my most favorite treasure of the day...
a vintage Mattel “the Littles” Dollhouse from 1980

in perfect condition with all of the furniture and people!!

The little details in this house and on the furniture and little extras are amazing!!

Some of the things even light up!!  I wanted to see more about this house and I found a great little post on this blog.  She has a lot of great photos and descriptions of it all.
The dollhouse+all of the furniture+the dolls+accessories = $4.00
4 stinking dollars!!

All in all, it was a great day for garage sale treasures.  I can not even wait for next weekend!
What are some neat treasures that you have found lately?



  1. wow you got some AMAZING deals!! I am a huge collector of pyrex and $4 for that set is was waaay generous.

  2. SO JEALOUS of that Pyrex... I have been looking for it for years too! I have only seen one piece and it was reasonably priced but broken and really scratched. I would gladly give up all my current Pyrex for a decent set of the blue hot air balloon Pyrex. : )

  3. all of these are so cute!! I am on the look out for some thermos' too. and I love that sewing kit!

  4. Those are some pretty AMAZING scores! So happy that you found everything so cheap-garage sales are the best since you can bundle things together and barter for an even better price! Looks like you had a fun and great day too.

  5. Love those bowls!
    Going to flea markets is my weakness... I always have to make sure not to take too much money with me so I don't come back with a million things.

  6. LOVE THAT DOLLHOUSE! What a great deal!

  7. I have been look at this post for days and just adoring that doll house. What an amazing find you lucky lady!!


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