13 April 2011

the selby

"Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail."

A guy at my work told me about this website and I literally spent hours looking at it.  Todd Selby has gone into these house and documented the every day things that most photographers would just pass over.  He also photographs the artists doing every day things.  It's like getting an intimate tour of these houses.  I love seeing the books that they have on their bookshelves, or the photos that they have taped on their refrigerator.
It is so cool!
I also love that he focuses on "creative" people because their houses just exude their creativity. It is a concept that I just haven't seen before and I am so inspired :)
 Here are some of my favorite home tours so far :

nicki bidder and anton aunders at home in london

And seriously, there are so many more AMAZING photos to look at and be inspired by on this site.
This blog post would be forever long if I shared all of the ones that I love :)
Plus, I am not even close to cracking the surface of The Selby.
I encourage you all to take a look at the site and share some of your favorite home tours with me!!
Happy Browsing!!



  1. have you seen the book? it's fantastic. i never want to set it down!

  2. umm me and kate spade have a lot of the same books. stellarrr


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