07 April 2011

love letters-week 5


  1. I love your love letters to your baby Janel! Mark and I have a book of them too... (and even some from you!) This process is hard, and nothing about being honest about that is childish!

    Preparing for a baby you grow in your heart is a beautiful and challenging process... one that requires faith, love, joy and hope! Your baby is so lucky to have a mommy who already has these things (faith, joy and hope and oh so much love)!!!

    Baby Mac - we can't wait to meet you, you are one blessed little girl!

    <3 you sister!

  2. what a sweet note! I pray that your baby is given to you as soon as possible! How neat that the Lord already knows your baby and is preparing both of you for each other! I'm so excited!

    Also, I'm having a giveaway on my blog, so stop by and check it out! Happy Friday!

  3. This letter made me tear up a bit. I love that you write to letters to your baby. Praying that the Lord answers your prayers so that you can finally share your lovely letters with your child. Love & hugs to you!


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