20 April 2011

inspired by...

Courtney, again :)
The other day, Courtney created some amazing stickers for a swap she is taking part in.  I loved the way the black inked drawings looked on her water colored background.  I liked it so much, it had me immediately busting out my watercolors to create something similar.
I absolutely love that feeling.
When you see something so lovely, you just have to try it out yourself.
So, I took the water colors and my felt tipped pen and went crazy in my sketchbook.
Here are some of the things that I created:

I heart it!
I also did a whole little crafty set in my sketchbook too that I didn't get to scan in.  It's always so refreshing to try something new and challenge yourself creatively.  
Big thanks to Courtney for the constant inspiration!! Plus, I can't wait until you sell those stickers!!!


  1. Yay! Someday we are going to meet up an make a whole ton of amazing things together! It is going to be awesome. Love the images!

  2. Those are adorable :)

  3. Those are cool!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog janel...love yours :)

  4. these are so cooll! i love courtney's too!!

  5. Love the watercolor look..and will u please teach me the font on welcome to our world. Its my favorite.

  6. so pretty! I'm going to try this too!


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