24 April 2011


First of all I wanted to give a huge thank you for all of the texts, tweets, calls and so on the other night.  Our little city was hit HARD by an F3 or F4 tornado (they still aren't sure which one).  Adam and I were at my parent's house when it happened and that was actually where the worst of it happened.  The tornado hit many subdivisions around us but fortunately no one was seriously hurt.
Our neighbor, Dan Pipkens, is a phenomenal photographer (check him out) and he captured a lot of the aftermath around the neighborhood.  So many streets are blocked and it's hard to see how bad it really was without these photos.
Here are some of the photos that he took (there are a lot because I seriously can't even comprehend it without all of these photos).

and after the storm at my parent's home (Thank GOD)

So, we definitely need prayers around here.  There is a lot of devastation.  There are a ton of students and staff in my school district where I teach who have lost their homes and their possessions.  Keep the peeps of Maryland Heights and Bridgeton in your thoughts and prayers please :)
In other news...He has risen!!!
Happy Easter!!!


  1. Weather devestation is all to close to alot of people. As we have seen in happen with us mulitple times communities pull together and survive and become even closer and stronger. Lost possessions can be so sad and unimaginable but loss of lives is even worse. I will keep your community in my prayers.

    Ms. Sue

  2. So glad you are safe.
    The devastation is just heartbreaking.
    Will be praying!
    Take good care.

  3. wowza! i'm so glad your moms house was saved from the crazy weather. these pics are insane.

  4. Oh my goodness. What a mess. I always feel sorry for all the trees, but the poor people as well. It's awful.

  5. wow how horrible!! glad your parents house is ok. i love the rainbow in the backround <3

  6. oh that's so terribly sad, super sorry :( i had no idea it was like that.then the lovely rainbow to let us know there's always hope? or still some beauty within destruction? i don't always understand things like that. ugh.

  7. When I first see these pictures, all i see is beauty! This guy is an AMAZING photographer. But once you pay more attention to the details, it's heartbreaking. =[ Glad to hear everyone is safe.

  8. This is devastating! The photos themselves are quite haunting. You are definitely in my thoughts.

  9. This really pulls at me. Years ago, my town was hit by a tornado, and a lot of people lost everything. My family was lucky though, but it does make you feel bittersweet that there is all of this devastation around you and you didn't lose anything. It was hard watching people have to rebuild from nothing, but there is so much neighborly love that comes out in these situations. It's refreshing to know that there is still love in the human race.

  10. The photos don't even seem real! Wow. So glad you're okay.

    (Have I left a comment before? I'm not sure. So, hello! I've been reading regularly for a couple months, and here and there before...just thought I'd introduce myself!)

  11. i've been living under such a rock aka work that I didn't even know about this. I'm so glad to hear everyone is safe & all is well. i miss you guys mucho.


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