04 April 2011


That message goes straight to Courtney because seriously...have you seen the new blog look?? Eeek! I squealed when I saw it.  I was so excited and she seems to always know my exact vision without me even telling her!! I love it Court, and I love you!! If you need any design work done, or a fresh look on your blog, please do yourself a favor and talk to Courtney :)

The next exciting thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is an AWESOME journal class that is coming up!!  
As I have said a million times, Elaine, is one of my very favorite journal-ers.  Her work is original, adorable, and so very very inspiring.  
She is amazing.

Anyway, Elaine is teaching an online journal class, her very first, and I am BEYOND excited to be taking it.  It is only $12 (what a steal) and I can pretty much guarantee it will be worth every single penny.
Here are the details of her new class, "ink blots."

And here is some of her amazing work :)

Seriously you all, check it out, sign up, and let's be classmates!!
Let me know if you are taking it with me :)
Have a great Monday and I will see you tomorrow!!



  1. I love the new blog look!!

  2. Aww! I ♥ you too!

    If I had an extra $12 I would totally take the class with you. I miss your classes already (but still need to catch up a bit!) and I can't wait 'til you do another one. Anyways, I'll be emailing you later.

    ♥ you!

  3. sweet new look!!!

    we'll be classmate, i have already sign in elaine's class.

  4. The new look is really nice.
    I also signed up for Elaine's class!


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