10 April 2011

a mili...

a wee bit early.
I have been loving so many things on etsy lately so I thought it was time to do another "Mili Monday" post.  Here are five things that I wish I had " a mili" for :)

1.  Friendship badges!!  Yes please.  I seriously would order these for all of my most favorite friends :)

2.  I want to marry this ring.  It's so flipping beautiful and it reminds me of being a kid and thinking "fools' gold" was the coolest thing ever.

3.  How cute is this dollhouse pillow?  We will definitely be needing one of these some day :)

4.  I would love to have this unicorn, for obvious reasons :)

5.  and finally, I would score this amazing mid century modern light frame!

So yes, if I had "a mili" I would have bought all of those things today:)  But since I don't, a girl can browse and dream.
Happy looking!

p.s. I love you


  1. lol, #4 made me laugh. Love it!

  2. the fools gold ring... LOVE!

  3. If I had a "mili" I would buy you all those things!

    (Missed you yesterday. Someone said to me - "Who is that girl who sings so beautifully?" I knew right away who they were talking about - YOU!)

  4. I LOVE the friendship badge!!! :)
    Very cute!!!
    I hope you are awesome! I haven't been blogging alot and yours is one I miss alot!!


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