03 April 2010

2 more days!

You have two more days to enter my sweeet giveaway:)

so go to this post and make sure you are entered :)
Today I watched a movie that totally had the "Gran Torino effect" on me. (that's what I say when I am crying hysterically :P)
I could.not.stop.
Today I also decided that when Pink sings that song and says, "Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air..." I wanted to be able to answer yes so I did just that :)

and that's how pretty my balcony looked after the fact :)
I finished up a 12x12 painting that my sweet friend Jamie asked me to do.
Here is a sneak peek Jamie.

oh, and here is painting number two in my collision series :)

ok, I am running out the door for a little Easter celebration at my aunt's house!
love you!


  1. We need to have a glitter throwing party! :]
    I hope you have fun at your Aunt's.
    lovess. xx.

  2. Oh my goodness I so need to do the glitter! How awesome!!

    I love love the painting for Jamie. My birthday is in July maybe I can get you to paint me something( i would pay you of course). A little gift to myself. heehee

    The second painting is very cool--:D You are so talented!! love ya--gina

  3. So I'm a little jealous...I've bought up all this glitter to do just that...but I haven't had time to take any pics :( lol

    And cutie-patootie things!

    Hope you have a great Easter...and just in case I forget to tell you - Happy Birthday!

    Heart you! xo!

  4. maybe somehow we can get some glitter into your birthday party!
    love the come sail away painting and your tree paintings are wonderful!

  5. That painting looks amazing, Jamie will love it! I love your new collison series painting! Have a happy Easter!

  6. Eeeek! I looove it!!! It looks so great!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
    Love the glitter! Happy Easter!!! xo

  7. Love the paintings, ps what movie did you watch?? :)

  8. i love the wood paintings so much! that would look gorgeous as a set!

  9. The new paintings are gorgeous! You are so freaking talented :)

    What movie did you watch?

  10. Cute projects and I love that you decided to be able to check "throw glitter in the air" off your to-do list. I think I'm gonna need to do that.

  11. So glad I'm not the only one who's done the glitter thing... =]

  12. ok lover of all things nautical...found this great site a while back.....modcloth.com....i think you'll found it inspiring, since since they have a few pieces of accessories with nautical themes (octopus, anchor..etc)

  13. i have an overwhelming desire to go outside and throw glitter now. i'm pretty sure everyone in the apartment complex already thinks i'm pretty crazy... haha not sure what they'd do if they saw me throwing glitter around... :)



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