22 April 2010

happy earth day

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Today is Earth Day!
A day to go outside and appreciate this amazing gift :)
Today with my younger students we are making Earth Day Crayons.
I thought that I would share this cute little DIY with you today so that you can maybe try it with your youngsters, or really for yourself too.
Here are the materials that you will need:
* cupcake liners
* a baking sheet
* an oven
* your old used up broken crayons (new crayons can obviously work too :D)

* Step 1: Pick out all of the white crayons and all of the shades of blue and green. Peel off all of the paper from those crayons and then break them into smaller pieces.

* Step 2: Fill a cupacake liner half way with your broken crayon pieces :)

* Step 3: Place your full cupcake liners on a baking sheet and place in an oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.
* Step 4: As soon as I take them out of the oven, I sometimes like to use a toothpick, or other object (in this case, an un-done paperclip) to swirl the colors around.
* Step 5: Let them cool and the paper liner should just peel right off!! (The colors stain the liners so you could also use the liner for another cute project...flowers maybe)?

* Step 6: Enjoy your Earth inspired DIY crayon!!
Have fun!!


  1. I love it!!! I need to do this with the boys!!! Then while you wait the 20 minutes you could talk about the Earth and what we can do to help! Awesome, Janel! xo

  2. What a fun idea! Happy Earth Day!!

  3. OH :O this is wonderful! and I love how crayons smell haaaaa, awesome!!

    Have a great day Janel


  4. those little earths are so darn cute! I always wish you posted more things about your job and your students! You have such a sweet job! You should talk about it more!!!!

  5. I love it!!! The kids and I have done this and they think it is so fun!!
    Happy Earth Day!

  6. Oh I love these so much!!! I think I have to make them over the weekend for the kiddos in my family!! :)

  7. Now that is a really cute idea! Too bad I do not have an oven in my school building. I wonder if a toaster oven would work?



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