07 April 2010

i am inspired by...

Rachel Denbow :)

Rachel is definitely one of my most favorite artists ever. She inspires me daily through her blog and her flickr.
She's ridiculously talented, an amazing wife and mother, GORGEOUS, and sooooo incredibly cool in person too!
love love love her.
Here are a few of my favorite things created by Rachel.

This post would be 2 days long if I tried to cram in everything of hers that I love.
The woman is amazing :)
Im really proud that I can call her a friend and an inspiration.
(thanks Rachel)
She is co-teaching an amazing journal class that starts this month :)

I am soooo excited to be able to take it. I have taken all of Rachel's art journaling classes and a 3-dimensional journaling class of hers in Springfield. They are sooo inspiring. You should definitely sign up for her new class :)
See you there!


  1. I am in the class too! I am pretty excited for that inspiration party to begin.

  2. I agree, she is an inspiration indeed! Have a lovely day!

  3. im totally with you on this. i love rachel's work! she's such an inspiration!!!

  4. Agreed! Rachel Rocks!

  5. Rachel has a very cool style. Always love being inspired

  6. Rachel is one of my favorite artists too. She is so sweet too!!! I love everything she does.

  7. She IS amazing, true! I love her style. and I love yours too!

    xo :)

  8. rachel is one of the sweetest most talented people i've ever met! :)

  9. YAY we will be classmates!! I am super excited.

    I agree she is an inspiration.

    I also think you are too!! Have an awesome day--love ya gina

  10. you are the NICEST! I totally wanted to send this to my parents :) ha!

    Thanks, sweet friend. Made my week.


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