25 April 2010

The adoption.

For those of you who don't know...Adam and I are planning to adopt :)
This is something that I have felt led to do ever since I can remember.
Fortunately, God sent me a man who also shared the same love for adoption as I did.
With that said, one of my goals for my 30 before 31 project is to start an adoption fund.
Adoption, especially foreign adoption, can be VERY costly.
I had done tons of research years ago and back then it looked close to $35,000.
It is very important for us to have a good chunk of that saved before we actually begin the process.
I have started saving money but there is no possible way we can come close to our goal of adopting in the next 2 years, without help.
That is where YOU come in :)
I'm not a big fan of asking people for money but I decided to have a little fundraiser of sorts.
To help us reach our goal.
Here is my idea.
My little fundraiser is going to be called "Pennies for Pita"
(Lupita is the name I have always wanted for a little girl...Pita for short).
For anyone who is interested in helping here is the low down.
After I hear from you that you are interested in helping, I will send you a baby bottle in the mail. (Or you can use your own if you already have one :D)

All you would have to do is throw your extra change in the bottle when you have some.
When your bottle is full, you will send it back to me and I will add it into our Adoption Fund.
I think this is a cool idea because that little bottle will actually be representing a little life that Adam and I can NOT wait to bring into our lives.
We feel very blessed to have so many caring friends around the world.
We know how tight money can be so we aren't expecting much BUT if you could just help with spreading the word of our fundraiser, saying prayers, and anything else we would be beyond appreciative :)
We love you and we can't wait to start sharing our newest adventure with you sometime in the (hopefully) near future :)
Again if you are interested in helping out with "Pennies for Pita," please email me at janel(dot)maclean(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send a baby bottle right out to you!!!
Thank you for listening.
This was a really hard post to share :)
I love you!


  1. sign me up! I love this idea and would be happy to help! xoxo

  2. I've already got a baby bottle. We will put all our spare chain in it and send it to you when we have it filled.

  3. Sign me up!!! This is an amazing idea Janel! Do you still have my address?? Send me a bottle( Izzy won't give hers up, LOL) and I will get started as soon as I get it! Love you!

  4. I would love to help! No need to send a bottle. I'll start saving for you! <3 xoxox

  5. this is the sweetest thing ever! little pita will have my help for sure. i love you and i'm thrilled to help out!
    o and i have bottles


  6. This is so fantastic!! I would love to participate! I will just find a special place to start saving for you~ One of my moms canning jars will be perfect!!
    Lots of love~

  7. Janel----I am 110% for this!!! I am super excited to help you and Adam. love ya ---gina

  8. Weird, that pic of Guate looks so familiar...=)

    LOVE this! If you want more resources on adoption funds, please ask! I've got lots!

    Can't wait for you to get your chocolate chip!

  9. omg i love this idea! johnny and i would LOVE to help! love you and Indie soooo much! xxo

  10. This is amazing! I will be praying. Are you guys adopting for a specific country? Regardless, adoption is an amazing thing! That's great guys!

  11. That is so amazing. Good luck with your journey to adoption. I'll try and help as well!

  12. I am interested! I don't have any bottles though, I BF and only had a few that I already gave away. I will email you my address. I hope you save up super duper quick! I bet if you did you sketches again you could save up some more too, those were a huge hit! <3 Sonja

  13. oh janel, that is amazing!! count me in...
    but we´ll fill the bottle with €.... hope thats ok?? we have enough bottles here so we´ll start right now!

  14. Hi, I have nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. Check out my blog for details!

  15. I said I didn't need you to send me a bottle, I don't already have one, just thought I'd pick up my own save you a bit of money and time. Then, I wondered how much you would be saving by people having their own bottles already... maybe you could put all that saved postage money in a bottle too? Every penny helps, especially since it would have gone to Lupita anyway. :D

  16. did you know you're an angel?

  17. You are the sweetest; honestly this post made me get butterflies!

    You save your postage on sending over a bottle and I'll pick one up tomorrow and start filling it up!

    However if you wanted to email me your address at kyla(dash)anderson(at)hotmail(dot)com I'll send it your way when it's filled.

    XO. Kyla.

  18. That's a brilliant idea! I would love to help. Send me a bottle!!! I can't wait to be a part of something soo special.

    I was adopted at 3 months old, so I've always held a special place in my heart for adoptive parents. It's such an amazing gift -- and how lucky that the man you married desires the same. Sooo sweet! :)

  19. i would love to do this! sign me up!!

  20. Adoption is such an awesome thing to do.

  21. I am in too! I don't need a bottle though, I still have one or two. If I can't find one I will just use something else :)

    I feel so blessed that you shared this with us, and thet you are giving us all a chance to help you.

  22. Oh Janel. I hope you get your baby. I wish it wasn't so expensive. So many beautiful people have love to give. That's free.
    I would gladly fill a bottle for you, but the exchange rate is lower in Australian coins, so can you send me two bottles to make it worth your while?
    That's if you want to send it this far.
    love and hugs to you and Adam for your precious wish.

  23. Hi Janel! I found your blog via Meg's blog this morning. I want you to know that I'm going to be picking up a cheap baby bottle today and begin filling it with my change for you. Please email me your address whenever you can and I'd love to send the money to you!


  24. You can count on Aunty Faith and Uncle Mark. You know adoption speaks WORLDS to my heart <3 and I can't wait to meet pita!

    P.s - would you mind if i borrowed this idea to help bring your little neice/nephew into our family :) ?

  25. I'm in Janel!! I'll put it my office!!!
    Adoption is something super amazing and wonderful to me. My god mother adopted Nina and she is my heart! She has made our family's life incredible!

  26. i love you so much!
    i'm not gonna lie... you've inspired tyler & i to adopt sometime in the future. :)

  27. my office is stoked for you -


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