08 April 2010

i am inspired by...

Rob Ryan :)
Here are the pics of his studio that were featured over here:

I love seeing other artist's studio spaces :) It is one of my favorite things.
Here are some of his lasercuts (which I feel really lucky that I own one!!)

and here is his shop that I totally hope that I am able to visit one day!

You can visit his blog here :)
and his Etsy shop here!
love love love <3


  1. this is lovely ! Absolutely inspirating :)

  2. that 2nd to last photo is awesome! also, i emailed you a couple days ago. i just wanted to make sure you got it. a lot of new gmail hits my spam folder for some reason!

  3. i remember reading this post & yes! i fell in love with his work & studio.

    by the way, i brought more nail polishes from sally hansen's insta-dri limited edition collections. i look forward to giving myself manis/pedis now lol.

    did u have time to buy the nail polishes? have a favorite color?

  4. i have one of his cards! it's so pretty i almost don't want to send it to the person i bought it for!

    i also saw some of his work at a cut paper exhibit while i was in new york city last week!


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