22 April 2010

freckle juice

"Freckle juice is made from grape juice, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, juice from
one lemon, pepper, salt, ketchup, olive oil, and a speck of onion. 'The faster you
drink it, the faster you get freckles,"

Or so I've read :)
But seriously, I soooo wish that I had freckles. I always have and I always will :)
I also once read that, "A face without freckles is like a sky without stars." Isn't that just about the loveliest thing?
Here are some beautiful ladies rocking their freckles and making me oh so jealous:

(all images found via weheartit)
I have a serious crush on freckles.
My sister just recently started getting them and she is barely younger than me so I feel like there is still some hope for me? We shall see!!
love love love you.


  1. is this for real????? i have got to try this.

  2. I have tons of freckles and in high school I would cake on the makeup so you couldn't see them. I don't mind them now but I use to dislike them. I have a pillow with that saying. I like it as well!!
    Good luck with getting some freckles!! :D

  3. My boss did henna dots on her face and they look like freckles!! They're so cute. I love freckles too.

  4. The girl in that second photo has my idea of PERFECT freckles. Just across the nose, lots of them, and well defined. Jealous!

    I HAVE freckles, but mine are a lot more blotchy. I kind of just look like I have uneven skin or a dirty face. =[ They look pretty good when I've gotten a LOT of sun, but when I'm pasty from the winter they just look bad. =[

  5. oh my gosh. favourite book EVER. i looove it. and it made my week that you did this blog post. omg. seriously, you cannot know how excited i am right now.

  6. Oh freckles... I love you, but I also hate you.
    I wish freckles looked as good on me as those pretty ladies!
    Also, that saying is too cute!

  7. Freckles are really cute! I don't think I could stomach that freckle juice though, sounds different lol. I am sending you some freckle wishes your way though!!! <3 Sonja

  8. Too cute! I would have shared mine with you when I was a kid, everyone teased me for them. I couldn't love them more now though! Yay for freckles! :D

  9. They are all so beautiful with their freckles. I was told that my hair would be curly if I ate the crust of my bread....it never worked.

  10. I have some and I don't mind them. You should see my mom she is one big freckle.

    Have you ever thought about the word freckle is a funny one? I have and it cracks me up--:D ok I crack myself up but that is beside the point.

    have a beautiful weekend--love ya

  11. this post made me happy because I have freckles and sometimes I wish I don't but you made feel very lucky to have them!

  12. i want freckles.. =[ i don't think i've ever heard of freckles on an asian. lol

  13. PippiPebbles24 April, 2010

    I got freckles, and that's like the only thing that will tan, so I keep on hoping my freckles will magically become 1, so I will look nicely tanned! But I'm glad there is at least something that makes me look a little sun-kissed!
    Love your blog!


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