11 April 2010


This week, Adam decided to move his desk area out into the living room so that:
1. we could spend more time together out there.
2. I could have the whole spare room as an art area!!
His new area took us all of Wednesday and some of Thursday to put together.
Yesterday, I started to work on my little area. Oh my goodness!
I literally took me all day and night yesterday to get pretty much no where.
I have tooooo much stuff!
So, my mom was amazing and came over today, after church, to help me!
Well, again, it took all stinking day, but the room is finished and it looks amazing!!
Here are some shots:

I still have to hang my peg board above my table so that I can hang all of my supplies from it :)
Speaking of...does anyone live near an Ikea?!
I absolutely need those white pegboard containers and they don't sell them online!!

If you live near an Ikea, please let me know and I will pay you to pick me up some and send them my way! please!!
Oh, and here is my very first project in my new space!!
I used the bonus page prompts from Rachel and Elsie's Story class :)

i am already loving the class and it hasn't even started :)
goodnight loves!


  1. I friggin LOVE your room! No wonder you have constant inspiration! Love the colors!!! <3

  2. Ohhh, it looks great! I'm hoping to arrange a space similar to this when I move to my new apartment at the end of May.
    Hopefully it'll look as good and organized as yours!

  3. This is amazing!! It looks great and so inspiring!!

  4. cute!! the colours are so bright and happy. you're awesome.


  5. Talk about A*MAZ*ING! Ur room looks so inspiring and perfect. Can't wait to see it in real life. Ur bonus starter pages are way cute too. This class is goin to be so awesome.

  6. It looks so organized and clean! I'm borrowing your mother!

    Your pages look so pretty, too!!!

  7. I love your journal pages ;)

  8. lovei it! So colorful and fun♥


  9. omg SO great! i love it!

  10. Super cute! And I love those Ikea containers. I've never seen them before. If I make it to Ikea out here and see them, I'll let you know. Maybe I can send some with my craft swap stuff :-)

  11. Oh my goodness I am so so jealous of your fab space. I love that table with the many drawers. Where did you get it?

    Loving the color of your journal. I did my first pages this weekend too.

    xoxo gina

  12. Looks so great!!! Love your pages too! xoxo

  13. goodness that's a beautiful studio space!!
    and i live near an ikea. my thesis show will be over in two weeks and then I would be more than happy to pick something up for you. let me know if you want me to. My email is
    abeautifulparty at hotmail dot com.

  14. love love love!!!!!!!the room looks incredible! i love that paint color!! and i love your journal pages! cant wait to see more.

    also, wanted you to know that i nominated you on my blog for a blogger award. you can check it out here: http://getthewordsout.blogspot.com/2010/04/wonderful-blog-awards.html


  15. beautiful :)
    i see a lot of cute rva and etsy purchases! as well as some elsie inspiration!

  16. Oh it looks so good i have to say I am a little jealous but in a good way lol!



  17. LOVE the new room and your art journal pages ROCK! Can't wait to see what else you make in that cute room. :)

  18. The pictures are really great. I picked the over the door iron and ironing board holder today. hope it works. Love ,

  19. Very cute and very inspiring... I have been trying to get organized and you gave me some much need inspiration!! (thank you)

    Oh! and I live close to Ikea.... (MI)


  20. It looks great! If you haven't already made arrangements with someone, I can pick-up some of those containers from the Ikea here in Atlanta. Just let me know if you still need them. :)

  21. All of it is so adorable. So many cool colors. :)

    visting from http://lettersfromcoco.blogspot.com/

  22. i'd kill to have a room like this at home... :( I love it sooo much!! so colorful!!
    anyway, I live in Barcelona and there's an Ikea 20 min fmo here, but i'm sure they don't sell stuff like that... it's reeeeally shitty our ikea. on the other hand, it would be very expensive to shit from here.. i'm so sorry :(

  23. I love your pages! My 12 year old and I did ours yesterday... pictures will be posted tomorrow.

    I live near-ish an Ikea... what exactly is it that you need? I'd be happy to make a trip over there for you! xo

  24. Love love LOVE your workspace and your bonus pages!! Beyond fabulous.

  25. So pretty and so organized! :) Thanks for the ikea tip - but Ikea is so much to handle lol put your game face on for it!


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