12 April 2010

when I grow up...

I want to be an explorer.

Where is the most amazing place you have been?


  1. it's really hard for me to choose,
    but i would say thailand! it was the most incredible, beautiful, welcoming place i have ever been! i loved everything about it:)
    i love to travel <3


  2. Probably on a huge sand bar on a tributary of the Amazon River (40 hours from Iquitos, Peru by river) when the sun set. It was amazing...the clouds, the lighting, how peaceful it was, and the great friends I had with me.
    Though the bugs were another story. YucK!

  3. Probably a sand bar on a tributary of the Amazon River (40 hours from Iquitos by boat) when the sun was setting. It was incredible...the clouds, the lighting, how peaceful it was, and the great friends I had with me. Though the bugs are a whole other story. YucK!

  4. I love travelling!! My most favorite place in the world is called Moonflower Canyon. It's in the middle of the desert in southern Utah and it's off this tiny little Bureau of Land Management road. The canyon is about a mile long and it ends in a spring coming out of red rock walls. There are even petroglyphs from ancient Pueblo Indians! I love to camp there. It doesn't rain much so I can just sleep on the soft sand and stare up at the stars through the trees. The best part is I've never seen any other people there except me and my fiance. :)

    ok, done with my rant....

  5. barcelona :D
    i'm going to greece this summer. i went as a child and LOVED it.
    also, i got the package - eEEee! i was so excited when i saw it sitting on my porch!

  6. the north cape! ;-) f* cold though...lol

    xoxo trine

  7. Ooh, I love that picture!
    I think Scuba Diving in Cozumel would be my favorite plae that I have been. It was amazing. <3

  8. I really really loved Portugal. There was something about it there that made me feel different and special. I want to go back!

  9. The Holy Land....it was not only the trip of a life time, it was a spiritual pilgrimage!

  10. It's hard to choose because I went on a senior trip in 2006 to Europe. We went to England, France, Germany and Switzerland. My favorite would have to be Switzerland.

  11. I want to be an explorer when I grow up too!
    I haven't really ever been anywhere!
    All places in the US.I would love to go to Europe. I think my first "overseas" trip will be to Iceland! :)

  12. Taiwan for sure. I was there for work and traveled with the most amazing Taiwanese hosts. They wanted me to experience everything, so they drove me all over the island and fed me all sorts of food. A life goal is to visit every country in the world.

  13. so hard to choose,
    Oh I love to travel~
    I want to go everywhere!

  14. I love traveling, I don't know if I could pick one place!

    Egypt maybe, or Turkey, because they were so different from anything I'd ever seen before!

    You can see some awesome places I went here (if you want):


  15. i want to go everywhere!

    I dont know my fave place, depends on my age, the people, the magic!

    I've had some amazing camping adventures along beaches and had magical trips to the states, washing d.c. where everyone was soooooo friendly.

    i want to travel!

  16. Dublin Ireland. I live in such a rural area loved the city, the sing-song of the accents and it was the first time I had seen my boyfriend for 6 months since he was in Iraq.

    I love Dublin.

  17. Marrakech, Morocco is the most interesting place I've traveled to! So beautiful I didn't want to leave!


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