18 April 2010

flickr faves

Another favorite source of inspiration is Flickr. There are sooo many amazingly, talented people out there!
I love looking back into my "favorites" file and gushing over the beauty!
Here some of my most recent Flickr favorites:

To get a better view of any of these pictures and to check out the image credit, please click here!
If you don't have a flickr account yet, you need to get one. It's free :)
Have a great Sunday!! Today is the first day I can actually feel my allergies acting up :( My nose is stuffy and my ears are clogged. boo.
If I start to feel better (fingers crossed) my plan is to go geocaching today after church.
There are 13 different caches at the local park right by my house so I plan on introducing Adam to geocaching today. I think he's going to looooove it!!
love you.


  1. Wow! 13 caches! Sounds like fun! Hope your sinuses get better and you have a great day! )

  2. what is geocaching? can you please make a post on it? i wanna see all the fun you're having with it! love u!

  3. awwwwwww Janel! I'm on there!! Well not me exactly....but my sheets are!!
    So sweet.


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