20 April 2010


Welcome to my new favorite little spot of my home :)
For my birthday, my sister built me this amazing tee-pee from Rachel Denbow's tutorial.

She originally built it for my craft space, but because it's soooo big...we moved it out to the living room :)

We love it sooo much we are even considering getting rid of our table and chairs so that the tee-pee has more space to look cute.

My cute friend Katherine, sent me an amazing package full of goodies which included the vintage fabric I used to make my sweet bunting for the entrance. I feel like it is a little "welcome" banner for any visitors.
The inside of my tee-pee is filled with all of my most favorite quilts and afghans. There are also instax pictures of my favorite friends hanging about too.

Tonight, I am going to make a mobile of some kind to hang from the cieling :)
All in all, it was the perfect gift. I am in love with it, Adam is in love with it, Catalina is so in love with it that she slept in it last night :)

It's perfect!
Thank you Nicole for being the best sister ever.


  1. woah, this looks like such a great place to hang out and relax, or journal, or whatever! You're sister deserves a big hug, and a latte. :)
    love it so much, makes me want to make one....

  2. I love the banner and the photos inside!!! It's like a clubhouse! You should embroider your initials in a heart onto the side, or lyrics to a song you guys love...Good job, Nicole!!!

  3. wow! I want a tee-pee now!! I could see myself sitting in there with all those blankets all day! You have a pretty awesome sister!!

  4. ok, i officially want one!!

    this might have to be mine and henry's project while he is home sick this (whole!!) week!

    way to go, nicole!


  5. So cute! I was very excited to see this because I am making one on friday for a teepee sleep over! I'm happy you love yours so much! :D

  6. Oh my gosh!!!! I love it!!! What a great sister!!!! I love that you are keeping it up and using it!! How comfy!!
    Have a great one!

  7. RAD! I love you, let the haters hate, becuase you are awesome! Can't wait to see your next creation!!! Love you!!

  8. so awesome! i love that it's in your living room--what a cool thing it would be to walk into someone's house for the first time and see a teepee. well, cool to me anyway!

  9. Omg, is the instax pictured inside of you and me?? My heart is full and I feel like Im gunna cry! Iloveyou!!!!!!

  10. Your sister is fan-teepee-tastic! What a beautiful present.
    I can see it with some fairy lights thrown about.
    I love it!

  11. It looks like so much fun! Your sister sounds amazing!

  12. amazing!!!!!!!!!! so cute! you are the sweetest sisters ever!

  13. It looks so great!!! I love it so much! We need one in our house now. Can Nicole just make it for me? ;)
    Love it! Love it!
    I love all your little touches that you added to it! Perfect!

  14. What a great gift! It's beautiful. :)

  15. Lucky Ducky!! Nicole can make me one for my 30th too! You all can bring it out when you come to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin. lol!!

  16. i've been contemplating some sort of tent or something magical for my apt lately . . . this is so inspiring!


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