05 April 2010

i am inspired by...

Here is a video of a day in the studio with Jim Houser:

A Day In The Studio of Jim Houser from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

that pretty much shows why he's so cool right?
I absolutely love his style and cartoon like images. The colors he uses are amazing. The coolest part is that he is completely self-taught too.
I love that!
Here are some inspiring images found on the website linked above :)

He's so rad!
I would love to see some of his work in person someday for sure.
Thank you Jim Houser for the constant inspiration.


  1. Great post Janel! I hope that you are having a wonderful Birthday! 30 is the new 21! Love ya!

  2. that was such a fun video. i love his use of color too, right up my alley for sure!!!

  3. thank you for sharing! very inspiring and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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