27 April 2010

tell your story...

As promised, I am here to share the journal pages that I have created so far from Rachel and Elsie's journal class, Tell Your Story.
"Introduction pages" (I may have shared these before)?

"A New Season"

"Today Felt"

I am loving this class a lot! Journaling has always been a passion of mine and making beautiful art journals is just icing on the cake!

I also wanted to post this little challenge from Promise's blog today:
Do all or one of the following.
1. Say something nice about something or someone.
2. Link to a cool new website or company that you have found or like.
3. Give a shout out to an inspirational person or blog that you follow.

So here we go:

Nicole, you are my favorite!!! P.S. how many geocaches do you think were hidden all over that trip?!

2. I am a fan of this website :)

3. Katherine is a huuuuge inspiration for me. She is an amazing mom, her house is perfect, she's sooo original and creative, AND she is a great friend too!!

Ok, that was fun! You should play along too!! Leave me a comment if you did, so I can check it out!!
Have a great Wednesday!
It is all sunshine and blue skies here in "the Lou."


  1. I seriously love your journal!!! Wish I had done this... :)

  2. Your journal looks beautiful. I love the yellows and blues!

  3. Your journal is beautiful!!! It makes me want to take up journalling again... it got away from me this semester!

  4. love your journal pages!! you have such great style

  5. oh, you are the sweetest!

    and, i will tell you--my house is an effing disaster right now. :)

    i am so thankful to be able to call you a friend.


  6. Your pages look really great! I'll have to catch up because I'm already a little behind. All I've done is the 2 bonus pages. I hope my pages will turn out as good as yours.

  7. i really really REALLY love your journal, and maybe I need to copy some of your ideas if that is okay. Im also in the art journal class, and i love it so so much.
    And I must say i love your blog really much, I come here everyday <3

  8. Those pages blow me away. I freaking love the first two pages, the yellows look so fresh!

  9. I just love yours journal pages! can't wait to see the next :)

  10. oh i love your journal pages.....how pretty!


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