30 April 2010

out sick.

Wednesday I left work to go to urgent care and have been out sick since :( It's nothing major just not fun at all.
So, here are some little snippets from my sick day.

My new favorite little corner collection :) Peonies (another major favorite flower) from my parent's backyard, card from Jamie, vintage purse from my dad, bear tape measure from pretty zakka shop, screen print on wood by Katherine Jalaty.

Meet Boris the whale. Sweet Lindsay made me this cutie as a gift in my Happy Mail package this month. I love him and he live in the tee-pee. Isn't his fish face amazing? Did you know that the fish face is my most favorite face right after the gangster face? true story.

I have had a lot of time to turn my table into a hot mess of art journaling :) Here is the newest page that i created today. The prompt today was "Deep Down..."

and tonight I have had this little bag of fleas skirting around, whimpering and shaking because of the storm :(

Poor girl.
BTW- she doesn't have fleas nor has she ever, nor will she ever I just looooove that saying so much. She's my favorite bag of fleas ever!!
Blah, tomorrow's plan is to be 100% better. Deal?
I love you.
It's the weekend.
I love that.


  1. I love your art journal page, that envelope is a really neat idea. (I also LOVE your betsey j bag!!)
    Hope you feel better asap, and enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am so glad you are feeling better!! I am also so happy you love Boris, you are soooo cute!!! Your jounral page is beautiful!! btw I totally see the envelope plushie :P love you woman!!

  3. Get better soon! I miss you!!


  4. hope you get to feeling better!!

  5. Feel better!!

    PS: I'm super afraid of being preggers some day, too.

  6. Anonymous01 May, 2010

    You're Betsey bag is AMAAAZING! I love BJ. I hope you feel better tomorrow! :)

  7. Boris is so cute! hope you feel better!

  8. Aww that lil whale is the cutest!
    Hope you feel beta so you can enjoy your weekend.

    Meeks xo

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon! : )

  10. I hope you are feeling better~ It is no fun to be sick! Love your journal!You are so inspirational and super talented!
    Love Boris, Lindsay is so talented! :)
    xoxoxo~ Tiffany

  11. holy wow. that sparkley vintage purse is AMAZING!!!!

    feel better love,

  12. true story, i love you SOOOOO much! and i wish we live closer together... so that i can come over and borrow sugar from you :)

    hope you're feeling better pretty girl xxo


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