03 March 2009

Things I am loving tonight!

Man oh man, I feel like I am soooo behind in my online class projects and my sketch a day project. I actually have up to sketch #16 done but that is all the prompts that have posted so actually I am only behind on putting them on here to share with all of you.
My online projects are all halfway done waiting on certain things.
Jersey scarf- cut and ready but my sewing machine is being weird
doiley throw- probably about 3/4 of the way done :)
Felt family portrait- can't find any stinkin scissors in this house but I know what I am doing :)
Panda Bear Plushie- I know exactly who I am making this one for!!! :) It is all the way done, I just need to fill it with poly-fill.
My painted pillow? I need inspiration. The girls in my online class have made some totally rad ones and I am stressed to even start mine.
While looking for pillow inspiration though, I stumbled across many many things that I fell in love with...

I lovie this "Stache" pillow that you can find here! The coolest part about this pillow is that it has a little pocket where you can "stash" things. Pretty cool!
Speaking of mustaches, check out this ring here:

love it! They also have one with nerd glasses..Sweet!

Panel Paintings by Dolan Geiman: I love his work and am fortunate enough to own a few of his pieces. Plus he is all about the eco-friendly and he is really cool :)

I love this map with all of the fifty states and their mottos. I love it! You can also get the individual states too but unfortunately, Missouri's state motto...not that cool.

I wish it was something cooler like Arkansa's:

Or even Nebraska's:

Ok, this pillow is amazing and it has lavendar inside (which is my favorite!!) Get it Here:

This compass ring is super simple, beautiful, and I love it:

Yikes! Enough looking for now because sooner or later...looking turns to buying :)
Please say a prayer for Adam, he has a phone interview for a job in St. Louis and that is the BEST thing I can think of right now. This morning he drove back to Kansas City :( Boo! The only thing worse than having your boyfriend live 4 hours away, is having your husband live 4 hours away :( Pray for a job in my hood!
Good night friends.


  1. Great finds! Love the "stache" pillow! So many things going on!!! :) Will be praying for Adam!!! Let us know how it goes!!! xoxo -j

  2. Lord,
    We pray for a job for Adam in St. Louis. We know that You will provide, according to Your will.
    Thank you. In Jesus Name,

  3. you could totally make that stache pillow... use a cross or maybe use a J for you and a A for adam. Mix it up :)

    Love you


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