25 March 2009

Oh Target, how I love thee

I am loving the fact that Target keeps hooking up with all of these amazing designers so that we (the normal people) can actually afford some of their cutie-pie things!!
Not only are their products aesthetically appealing, they are eco-friendly which makes me even more happy!! Hit up their website and read about their philosophy. I love it :)
Here are some of my favorites that will be sold at Target starting April 12.

The MIO for Target collection includes a portable organic cotton hammock (with bag), solar lawn lights, bamboo and jute twine gardening tools, recycled watering can, an herb garden made from post-consumer recycled paper, and our personal favorite (and the most practical) a composter made from recycled plastic. I seriously have wanted a compost heap since I was in elementary school. Now, I can have that gorgeous, green, composter which is sooooo much better!
The assortment will be available beginning April 12 at Target stores. An edited selection of items will be available online at Target.com.
Thank you Target!!


  1. That is SO exciting! And, I too, have always wanted to have a compost heap, but never lived in a place where it would be practical. Yay!!!

  2. so you and mark just keep getting more and more alike... he wants a compost pile too - i however sadly am not such a big fan sorry, but and he can share your love :)

  3. I NEED that compost! It's exactly what I was looking for! THANK YOU for sharing!


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