25 March 2009

More cruise pics!

Here are some cute pics that I stole off of my sister-in-law's Myspace page of the cruise. Oh how I wish I was back :) My tan is totally fading and my swimsuit is calling my name!!!

Man oh man do I wish I was there!!
Tomorrow I am off to the Missouri Art Educators Spring Conference!! I love these. I get soooo many cool lesson ideas! There is also a time where artists can sell their artwork or trade at the Bizarre Bazzar, and tons of times to shop with vendors and get free art supplies.
Can NOT wait :)


  1. Hej Janel, that are such lovely pictures.
    I tried to send you an e-mail some seconds ago, but i just got a failure notice. Do you have a new adress or is the mailbox crowded?

    Did you recieve my swap package?

    The Missouri Art Educators Spring Conference sounds great. I wish you a funny day.


  2. Janel,
    I l-o-v-e your invitations....so cool!! Even the outside of the envelope is way cool - the caligraphy is beautiful and the "photo stamp" is a cute extra. Can't wait for the reception! I am mailing my RSVP today!!!

  3. P.S....L.O.V.E. the wedding pics, too!!!!!!! (If you go back, I want to go with you :)

  4. you guys are too cute!! I love the pictures and the cruise looks like so much fun! i totally love your dress, where did you get it?

    Also that conference sounds fun!

    I think that all the RVA class members should plan a photoshoot when we get to Springfield for the craft weekend! Let me know what you think! I think it would be awesome!

  5. Great pics Janel. How do you steal pics anyway....I want to do that!

  6. You're so beautiful!


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