23 March 2009

**The Spark**

Oh my goodness I am so ridiculously excited!!! You have no idea!!! Three of the lovely ladies that I am taking the RVA online class with (Ashley, Laura, and Margot) have asked me to be part of their new project called The Spark!
Seriously, this is going to be awesome. I am an official Sparkler!!
The Spark will be a place where we will post art challenges that bloggers, artists, or whoever can participate in no matter what type of art they feel like making!
The Spark will be filled with interviews, inspiration, and of course the monthly art challenges.
The Spark officially goes live on April 6 (the day after my birthdy btw :D)
Click here to head over to the blog to read more about out!
I can NOT wait to get started.
My bio and picture shouls be going up later tonight since I am officially a Sparkler now :)
I will post again about it here when the first challenge takes place!
I'm already feeling inspired :)


  1. omg is your birthday April 5th!!?? If it is, that is totally insane, cause that is my birthday too! And I am a sparkler too...weird!

    Hey, I sent you an e-mail a while back about the craft swap. I have my items sitting here, miscalculated the ship to date and then you left. Is there still enough time for me to send them? If not, I will just do it the next go around.

  2. Why are you so cool? I'm jealous! Yep I said it! Ps I only mahe 15. Is that not enough?

  3. Sounds awesome! you always have something cool going on..

    thanks for your comment. ww has really worked for me..or should i say saved me. ;)

  4. Congrats! Sounds fun! Can't wait to check out the challenges!

  5. how fun janel!!!

    can't wait to meet you at the craft wknd!

  6. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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