13 March 2009

Super exciting visitor!

So, in case you are all dying to know who my super fun visitor was yesterday, you better sit down because it was...

ELSIE!!! (photo borrowed from her Flickr)
Oh yes, Elsie of the Love, Elsie Scrapbook line, of A Beautiful Mess of Red Velvet Art!!
Her art, her creativity, her passion and her drive have inspired me beyond anything that I could describe this past year :) She is so genuine and loving and sooooo super cool!
Well, I got to meet her, and hang out with her :)
Earlier this week I recieved an email from Elsie saying that she would like to deliver my recent purchases from Red Velvet Art PERSONALLY :) Who does that? So, yesterday Elsie drove 3 and half hours from Springfield to come hang out with me, my sister, and one of my new BFF's-Jodie :)
We met at Bubble Tea and then did some vintage clothes shopping and hit up some other fun little eclectic shops. Amazing. I am still smiling from it all!!
Since I had the coolest girl in the world with me (Elsie) and the world's greatest photog (Jodie), I decided we definitely had to be complete nerds and get our pictures taken with Elsie. I mean it's not everyday that you get to hang out with your Creativity Guru right??

Me and Elsie <3

Elsie and Nicole (this pic is my favorite :D)

Me, Elsie, and Jodie. Jodie totally wanted her picture with Elsie :) She made me jump in last minute though! Ha. Read about our day from Jodie's point of view here!

This is a picture of me trying on a hat at a lovely vintage shop. I think the owner must have had a bad day because this picture was taken right before she kicked us out for "treating her shop like a museum." Bummer.
So, I just want to conclude this post by saying that it is such a special treat to know that the blog world can help make impossibilities possible. Also, that someone as cool and as accomplished as Elsie Flannigan might just show their appreciation towards you in a completely unexpected unimaginable type of way :)
Great day :)
Another highlight of my day was being able to come home and hang the amazing painting that I ordered by Rachel Denbow. I almost got teary when I saw it. It is breathtaking and it is huge!!! Adam and I decided to completely re-do our entire craft/office space to revolve around that painting. It's lovely.
Thank you Rachel!!!
Thank you Elsie!
Thank you Jodie for the pics!
Thank you Nicole for being the best sister ever!
Thank you Adam for buying me the painting :)
Tomorrow we are driving almost 20 HOURS to Florida to catch the cruise ship. I am going to bring my Mac and hope that I can get wireless in our cabin. Who knows?! Look for updates though :)
I love you all and the craft swap items are all so amazing and beautiful!


  1. U/n/b/e/l/i/e/v/a/b/l/e!!!!

    Have a GREAT TRIP!!!!!!!

  2. yay!! that sounds like soo much fun.

  3. totally BFFs! :)

    do you love that that is the only thing I got from that post? HA!


  4. WOW! What a lucky girl! I got to meet Elsie a few years ago at CHA in Chicago. I know what the excitment can feel like. Isn't she lovely?! I was on another cloud for weeks on end. I loved reading about your day! Have a safe and fun trip on your cruise. Cant wait to see pictures.

    I love the painting you purchased.

  5. OMG that is so exciting!! When I come up there, you totally need to be there. I want to "meet" you so badly! Well and E and R too! I sent you an e-mail about my swap. Sorry it is late and not sure if I can still send my stuff...let me know :) Have a great 2nd wedding and cruise!

  6. what an awesome day! have a wonderful trip! can't wait for the swap items! ciao!

  7. that sounds like such a great day!!!! have an amazing trip!

  8. Sounds like a fun day. So exciting to meet Elsie in person.

    That thrift store lady sounds like a bummer.

    Have a great trip on your cruise.

  9. Oh WoW! I met her during a class in the Netherlands a few years ago and she is just AmAzInG! Have a great trip!

  10. awwwwe! it was so much fun!
    i can't believe i didn't spend more money at all those cute stores we went to!!! the panda bag is my favorite ever! im sooo happpyyyyyy i came!

    have a fun cruise!
    XO. elsie

  11. eeee how exciting and fantastic!!! i bet you were on cloud 9! i know i sure would be!
    i'm making the trek from missoula mt to springfield the end of june -would totally love to meet you and try some bubble tea! :D
    have a fun cruise!

  12. SOOOO glad you loved the painting. I made it a few days before we found out we were pregnant and then it kind of felt like it was symbolic of happy things to come.

    I can't wait to see it hanging in your new space! Glad you had a fabulous trip.


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