01 March 2009

Who blogs on their honeymoon?

I do!
My "husband" is so sick with the flu or pnemonia or something so I was awake all night listening to him cough his lungs out :( My poor baby. So, I have been up and am still up :)
Not to say that this hasn't been THE BEST wedding day ever.
Yesterday was the day that Adam and I were able to commit our love to each other in front of God and our very very close family. There were only 12 people attending besides Adam and I. It was sooooo beautiful. My aunt (the BFF of honor) and Janet (love her) surprised me by decorating the sanctuary so beautifully and special just for Adam and I. It was so pretty :)
Pastor Mark delivered an amazing ceremony and I loved that he made references to how marriage was like art :) He made it so personalized and intimate to Adam and I and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect ceremony :) I wasn't even nervous once it started, I smiled soooooo much that my face still hurts, and again, I was able to share it with the people whom I love the most!! I am married to Adam, my best friend, my love, and now my husband. It doesn't get more perfect than that!!!
We had a delicous lunch at my parent's house....soooo good. Everyone cam back there and we all enjoyed it together. Lovely. I can not wait to share a beautiful girt that Adam's mom made us....she is sooo neat :) I want to get a good picture of it before I share it though!
So...you know how there are amazing people with such wonderful hearts out there in this world? Well, I am so fortunate that I met one of those people through the blogging world. Back in July I stumbled upon this blog from a friend of a friend's blog :) Come November, it was time for Adam and I's engagement pics so we asked the now FAMOUS Jodie to take our pictures and they couldn't have turned out more amazing and cool and edgey and artsy and everything else that we could have ever wanted. In conversation, we talked about Adam and I's wedding plans and the fact that unfortunately, we didn't have enough money to have a photographer at our lovely beahc wedding in Cozumel. This amazing woman gifted me a bridal session as well that day so that at least, I would have some portraits of me in my dress! How amazing is she?? By the way, my dress pictures are beyond amazing (can't wait to share them :D)
Unbeknownst to me, when Adam and I departed the shoot for dinner and my mom and Nicole drove Jodie back to her car, she was cooking up another stinking surprise!!!
When I walked into the church yesterday, I went into the sanctuary to look for Adam, I saw the worlds cutest photographer sitting in in the back row!!! SHUT UP!!! She came, and photographed the whole ceremony and even searched all over the area to find cool and urbany areas to take even more wedding day shots. Her words, "every bride deserves pictures on their wedding day." Seriously, if I wasn't so nervous, I would have cried :) She is amazing. I have lived in this area all my life and NEVER would have found this awesome location for pictures, Jodie drove down the street and BAM, her creative eye spots it, she breaks in (ha) and boom...check these out:

I honestly feel so blessed to have stumbled upon her and am able to not only call her my photographer but my friend as well. We are crafty soul-sisters as well :) Hop over to her blog HERE, tell her how awesome she is, and check out the sneak peeks of our cutie-pie families and of course, Adam and I :) Also, check out her website...amazing! Looooooooove it!
Yesterday was perfect, so far today is perfect as well :) I am soooooooo blessed :)


  1. congratulations janel! how exciting! and i can't wait to see the pics! oooo weeeeeee!


  2. you give me way way way too much credit. seriously. i was so glad to do it!

    your photos will be done by tonight! :) i'll email you with your password to see them all on the website!

  3. Congratulations, Janel!!! That is so awesome!!! Those are such wonderful pictures!!! What a precious gift!!!

  4. Congrats! I'm so happy for you that you had a nice day yesterday! It's so sad that your husband fell bad today but you'll have a lot of nice day in the future together!

  5. Oh what a happy post....Well except for Adam being sick. That blows... I love the photography story and will definately hop on over to her websites. The pics she took so far look great and cant wait to see the rest. Take care and have a Happy Honeymoon!

  6. Congratulations, you two. The wedding was the bomb dot com. It was tailor made perfect for you.....loved it!

  7. One more thing....tell Adam to try crunching on ice-chips. I don't know why, but for some reason it helps....hope he's better soon....so sorry he had to be sick on your honeymoon. At least he will hopefully be over it by your trip.

  8. OMG!!! I am so excited for you right now!! WOW.....Mrs. Maclean. LOVE IT!!! Congrats to both of you...can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)

  9. Congrats, Mrs. Maclean!

  10. mmm. those are some nice photos!

    congrats! (and that's soooo cute about your little lovenotes book!-i'm kim from the RVA class)
    and i hope he gets better soon!


  11. congratulations and I hope your hubby feels better soon so you guys can get back to the honeymooning! =)


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