24 March 2009

New things to come :D

Soooo, things are chaning here around this blog :) As I said before, this blog has evolved to a creative outlet for me and a source for inspiration and community with other creative people. Plus, I think that Adam has enjoyed reading the blog a lot more than actually writing blogs :) We are married now, so this blog has served it's purpose to document Adam and I's realationship from the very beginning to our marriage.
The blog is getting a make over :)
It has been a life long dream of my sister and I to start an art line/ art studio with the name : Yellow Barn Art (name by Nicole). It is a play off of our last name,
Barnholtz. Love it!
So, step one: This blog :)

It's still going to be kind of the same (I'm sure we will still have personal/relationship/pet posts, etc.)
Nicole will also be a co-owner of the blog.
We will share our inspirations and current art projects that we are doing.
The url is now http://yellowbarnart.blogspot.com  (this will be effective Friday March 27.  (Please change this in your readers or bookmarks so that you don't loose us!!)
The lovely
Holly Sarah is creating a new blog header for us.
An etsy shop will definitely be on it's way with some of our creations.
It's cool because we already have lots of people asking us for custom items!!!
What a blessing :)

We are soooo excited to finally get this off the ground :) So change our url on your Google Reader (Im not sure if you have to do this or not) and get ready to get creative!
**Also, don't forget to check out
The Spark!!! I can't wait for that to start!!


  1. how exciting!!! i'm proud of you for following your dreams! can't wait to see what is in store! and for a blog makeover with holly! eeeeek! in my dreams!


  2. AWESOME GIRL! I can't wait to be an avid follower and purchaser :) mark will be thrilled - hahah It's for a good cause he won't mind too much hehe

  3. How exciting!!!! Congrats!! I can't wait to see!!! You go, girls!!! It's gonna rock, no doubt!!!

  4. YEAH! Don't you two need cute head shots in front of a barn? COME ON!

    And I am SO doing the Spark challenges! I can't wait to get off my creative butt!

    And can I say how excited I am for your life right now? I mean seriously, have you ever ever ever been this happy?

  5. That is totally awesome darling! I can not wait for the double duo to inspire me even more :)!!

    I can't wait for the fun change!

  6. Totally excited for you and Nicole!! I can't wait for the new blog and all the fun inspiration that will most likely make me extremely giddy!


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