23 March 2009

Monday inspirations...

I decided that since I am constantly finding inspiration in magazines, online, outside, friends, etc, that I would start sharing some of the things that I have been feeling inspired by. I am going to try and make this a weekly edition to my blog. It will simply be titled...Monday inspirations. Monday, I feel, is a great day to get inspired because it is usually a day of dread for some and the beginning of an inspirational week for others.
So, this will be my first installment of Monday inspirations, Enjoy!:
* I am looooving these brightly colored outdoor chairs found here

* These 3-D looking chalk drawings by Justin the chalk artist. I wish that I could link him or more of his work but a friend sent these to me in an email! Sorry!

* I am totally loving these crayon drawings by Elsie. How cool?

* All of the lilac trees that are blooming in my neighborhood:

* I am loving the fact that everyone I know is giving me money for my birthday so that I can go to the RVA craft weekend:

* I am totally in love with my painting by Rachel. I literally stare at it. Adam and I are actally re-doing our whole spare room around this painting :)

* I am really really loving these paintings that my sister did for the craft swap! I can't wait to get mine :) I also think that she should make me an extra special sister painting too:) Don't you?

* Finally I am loving all of my moleskin journals. I seriously have three different journals going right now. One thing I really miss about the first RVA online class was Elsie's journal prompts. I love to journal. love love love. Oh yeah, that reminds me that I need to post the rest of my 30 day journaling prompt pages!! So, yay for moleskins :)

Have a wicked, awesome, and inspiring week my lovelies :)


  1. congrats on the Spark! That sounds great, I'll be checking it out for sure. :)
    So did you get my items for the craft swap in time? I was hoping there wasn't any delays with the shipping!
    ps: I love elsie's crayon drawing too, I'm on a crayon kick as of late too. Maybe I'll make a mini album around it. hmmmm
    Thanks for all the happy posts, love your blog. :)
    xo holly

  2. ok, let's design you a new blog header!! I'm sooo crazy person busycakes (I love saying that, elsie's rubbing off on me, lol), but I will make the time. e-mail me holly.neufeld(at)gmail and we'll do it up!

  3. love the monday inspirations! those chairs... cuuute!
    elsie's crayons... eeeeee!
    rachel's painting... in loooove!

    def going to check out the sparklers! can't wait to see all the creative goody-ness!



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